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Our superior selection of window styles will elevate your home to a higher level of quality—both in design and durability. Find the right fit for your home today!

Choose Energy Savings. Choose Curb Appeal.
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Our Featured Products

Explore our window options to discover the best fit for your space.

Double-Hung Windows

Our most popular style, double-hung windows look great in any room in your home.

Sliding Windows

Window World of Rockford’s Slider Windows offer a crisp, clean design that allows for maximum light transmittance and visibility.

Casement Windows

If you’re looking for a window that will provide functionality and design, casement windows may be just what you need!

Bay & Bow Windows

Window World of Rockford Bay and Bow Windows are a great option when it comes to revitalizing your home.

Awning Windows

Awning windows allow you to enjoy the great outdoors but from the comforts of your own home.

Garden Windows

New garden windows from Window World of Rockford allow you to create a wonderful display of plants and fresh herbs inside your home.

Custom Windows

Window World offers custom windows in a variety of shapes, including Ccrves, angles, arches, circles, ovals and octagons.

Benefits of Windows from Window World

A wide range of window style allow you to customize your space
Enjoy savings on your utility bills with energy-efficient choices
Our professionally trained team is here to install your windows
No matter you budget we offer convenient financing options
We include a best-in-class limited lifetime warranty

About Our Replacement Windows

If you’re looking for top-quality replacement windows, what better place to find them than Window World? We carry an unbeatable variety of state-of-the-art windows which are sure to fit your home and your lifestyle perfectly. If your windows are broken beyond repair or simply in need of an upgrade, Window World of Rockford is here to help.

From unique garden windows for display, to bay windows for added seating, our windows can transform any space. Not only do we provide a variety of window types, we also offer an expansive color palette for the interior and exterior frames. Plus, our windows offer superior energy efficiency and are remarkably easy to clean!

Why You Should Invest In Energy-Efficient Windows

With energy-saving features like low-E glass, which prevents solar heat gain, our windows keep your home comfortable. More consistent interior temperatures mean savings on your energy bills month after month.

Why Energy Efficiency Matters